Residential Garage Doors

Protect Your Family From Garage Door Hazards

Keep your family safe by following our garage door safety guidelines. Also, make sure that your overhead or garage doors are working properly by having them inspected monthly. Here at Timmins Overhead Door Ltd., you can rely on our knowledgeable door technicians. Throughout the years, we have been known for providing prompt services at budget-friendly rates.

Replace your old residential door with one of our stylish and sturdy garage doors! We can customize the look, size and color of any door.

Garage Door Safety Checklist

Garage doors and openers can be very dangerous and may result in serious injuries. A study shows that such injuries are due to poor garage door installation as well as design defects.

Here are some simple practical tips to keep you and your family safe:

  • Never let children play with remote controls or garage doors
  • Garage door openers (operators) are not toys; keep them away from children
  • Mount the push button wall controls high enough so that children cannot reach them
  • Only operate the garage door if you can clearly see the entire door
  • Keep your eyes on the garage door until it closes completely
  • Stay away from a moving garage door; keep hands and fingers off
  • Avoid standing, walking, or running under a moving garage door
  • Keep hands and fingers away from section joints, hinges, track, springs, and other door parts

What to Examine Regularly

Check the garage door springs, cables, rollers, pulleys, and other door hardware for wear and tear. If you suspect problems, have an experienced person make repairs.

Test the Opener Reversing Mechanism
If something stops the garage door from closing, the door should reverse. Verify if the garage door operator has a reversing feature. If not, have it repaired or replaced by a certified technician.

Test the Balance
Put the garage door in a closed position and disconnect the opener before lifting the door. This should move smoothly with little resistance, and remain open. If the door is not balanced, have the door system adjusted by someone who is qualified to do so.

Test the Up-and-Down Force Setting
Hold the bottom of the door as it closes. If it fails to reverse easily, this means the force is great and has to be adjusted. Remember, if you are not experienced, do not attempt doing the repairs.

Repair, Maintenance, and Installation Service

Count on us for all your garage doors repair and maintenance needs. We can handle most makes and models. If you’re also having issues with overhead and automatic doors, door openers, or door systems, let our technicians know. We cater our services to clients in and around Timmins, ON.

Broken Springs Replacement

Broken Springs? We have you covered. Instock and Custom.

High-tension springs can break over time, under unusual conditions or after accidents. This can be dangerous, therefore, only trained professionals should perform the repair spring replacement.

From installation to repair jobs of industrial, commercial, and residential garage doors, we can help you. Request a free estimate today! Fill out the online form or call 705-267-5478!